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ACS Chemists with Disability (CWD) Travel Award

The ACS-CWD (American Chemical Society – Committee on Chemists With Disabilities) TRAVEL AWARD aims to encourage and facilitate the participation of undergraduate/graduate students and post-doctoral researchers with disabilities at American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meetings.
Awards will be granted to a student or post-doc applicant with a disability who will present a talk or poster at the ACS Spring or Fall National Meeting.
Awards will be up to $2000 per awardee. Application deadline for the Fall 2017 meeting is June 15.
Additional information on this competitive opportunity can be found at the ACS Chemists with Disabilities website (https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/about/governance/committees/cwd.html) or by requesting information from cwd@acs.org

Who is eligible?

  • The applicant must be a student or post-doctoral researcher (awarded PhD within the last 5 years) in the United States.
  • The applicant must join or be an ACS member.
  • The applicant must provide a copy of the abstract and the acceptance notice from ACS
  • The applications will be evaluated by a subcommittee appointed by the ACS CWD.

Application deadline

For the Fall 2017 National ACS meeting, applications should be submitted before June 15, 2017.  Applications should be emailed to: cwd@acs.org.

Please include “Travel Grant” in the subject line.

Eligible students should apply by providing the following documentation:

  1. Applicant mailing address, email address, phone, current school/employee.
  2. Advisor’s name,  mailing address, email address, phone number.
  3. Statement why you want to attend this meeting.
  4. Abstract of talk/poster sent to ACS.
  5. Copy of the acceptance of abstract from ACS.
  6. ACS membership number or evidence of membership.
  7. Letter of support from research advisor.
  8. Brief description of disability (optional)


Applicants will be notified, by e-mail, not later than July 1, 2017 if they have been selected for the ACS CWD travel award.

Reporting requirements

  • The student should email a short report describing the experiences obtained at the meeting within a month after returning from the meeting.
  • Pictures taken at the talk or poster presentation should be emailed to CWD.
  • This information (report and/or photo) may be included on the CWD website and/or Facebook page.

What if I have more questions?

For additional information, contact

Paula Christopher
Email: P_Christopher@acs.org,
Phone: 202-872-6122